Linebet Responsible Gaming

  1. Gambling addiction can lead to various mental diseases and states, including suicide ideation and despair. This mental state may have a negative impact on your relations with the family and career. Also, gambling addiction may lead to your bankruptcy and even stimulate you to be involved in criminal activity. Gambling and betting should be treated by you as entertainment. It should not be considered by you as a source of money income. Gambling addiction may lead to some unfavourable consequences. Linebet takes care of its customers and tends to make their betting and gambling activities as safe as possible.
  2. We do not permit underage gambling. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to join our service. We also do not permit using of any of our services to persons having any mental diseases. Line bet guarantees that no information about betting and gambling that may include advertisement of our services or any other marketing activities will reach people under 18.
  3. If the minors share your computer with you, you should make sure that they can not have access to your Linebet account and they don’t know your username and password. Make sure that you use various types of software like NetNanny or Cyber Patrol to block access to gambling.
  4. Linebet does checks to make sure that all its clients are 18 or above. However, in rare cases, we can not establish the age of our customers. In such cases, we search for more personal information and, therefore, you might be requested to provide us with more data. During this period, gambling and betting activities in Linebet may be suspended and the money is blocked.
  5. None of our advertisement strategies and materials misleads customers. Our clients are aware of their possibilities of winning and eventual risks. The excessive spending is discouraged by the Linebet team. There are some questions that may help you understand that you may be suffering from gambling addiction. By completing them, you will understand whether you can continue with gambling activities or not. If you have any problems with gambling or betting addiction, we recommend you suspend your account and write directly to our support service.
  6. It is never too late to admit that you are suffering from a gambling addiction. Linebet, in turn, provides you with some recommendations that might help you. They include: Gambling should not be considered a source of your revenue. You should control your betting budget all the time you are dealing with Linebet. Never try to win back your losses. Don’t play when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  7. If you have chosen the self-exclusion, don’t try to create a new account. You must understand that the company has no responsibilities for players who have lost their money if they create a new account during their main account self-exclusion period.
Linebet Responsible Gaming