Linebet Terms

Linebet has developed its terms and conditions bearing in mind the interests of our customers. Below you can find the main rules that apply to all the players from Bangladesh.

Linebet Terms & Conditions

General Rules

This online document defines how the bets are accepted by our betting site as well as how the payouts are done. Linebet rules also describe how disputes are resolved. In general, the Terms and Conditions document regulates all the relations between Linebet and its customers. The rules apply to all the bets that are placed on the Linebet website and in the mobile app.

BetIt is an agreement between the bookmaker and its customer where the latter can gain real money for wagering on a particular event, which results are not determined by the moment when this agreement comes into force. All bets at Linebet are placed according to the rules of bookmaker.
Betting outcomeThis is the result of a particular event on which the bet was placed.
PlayerA Linebet customer who undertakes betting on a particular event.
Cancellation of betThis is a situation when the bet is not settled and the payouts are not paid. In this case, the agreement between the player and the bookmaker is uncompleted and the investments are paid back to the player.
Betting in regular timeIs a type of betting when the wager is placed for the result in the regular time of the match, including the time that was added by the referee. All additional periods like extra time, after-match penalties, and overtime are not included in betting regular time.
Linebet General Rules